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HD-1A / B cold plasma modification processor

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HD-1A / B cold plasma modification processor

Our company has developed a device for surface modification of materials using HD-type plasma, which is capacitively coupled with low-pressure glow discharge. It is mainly suitable for processing various types of polymer materials, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. And the surface modification of nylon, rubber and other materials. HD series plasma modification equipment has various specifications and can be designed according to customer needs. It can be used for plasma surface modification and plasma polymerization. Its characteristics and innovations are as follows:

1. Both external electrode discharge (electrodeless discharge) and internal electrode discharge can be used. When the internal electrode is discharged, the sample can be heated or cooled;

2. Equipped with bias electrode, which can change the electric field distribution between electrodes;

3. Equipped with vacuum, aeration and gas mixing systems and various measurements, which can be filled with different gases and pressures as required;

4. Permanent magnets can be provided according to user needs, and assist in designing the magnetic field configuration to change the movement trajectory of charged particles;

5. Langmuir probe sockets for measuring plasma parameters are available according to user needs.

HD series plasma device produced by our company for surface modification of materials

1. The reaction chamber of the small plasma processing instrument (HD-1A / B series) is composed of hard high temperature resistant glass (both φ230 mm and φ300 mm). Appropriate measures have been taken to make the glass reaction chamber able to withstand under vacuum. The mechanical strength of the outside atmospheric pressure, and has the function of sealing. Ranch

2. The reaction chamber of the medium-sized plasma processor (HD-2 series) is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and still maintains the aforementioned functions. It can also manufacture equipment with the same transmission structure according to user needs.

3. Large cold plasma modification equipment (DLZT-160)

Large-scale plasma equipment has a large-capacity, large-volume, all-metal plasma processing reaction chamber, which can process large-volume workpieces, or small-scale workpieces in large batches, and continuously process fibers and fabrics in the reaction chamber, significantly improving Hygroscopicity, hydrophobicity, printing and dyeing, adhesion and antistatic properties of the workpiece.

In 2005, the company has made breakthrough progress in agricultural seed processor and nanomaterial polymerization, and will soon launch a prototype. In 2006, the latest models of the HD-1A, HD-1B and HD-2 series products will be launched.

Experts believe that the development of this series of modified equipment is based on detailed physical analysis and experimental research, which combines the characteristics of similar devices at home and abroad, with novel design ideas, reasonable structure, convenient operation, and low cost. The ideal product in the instrument ranks at the domestic leading level. The company has provided HD series cold plasma modification equipment to more than 30 research institutes and universities.

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