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HD-2 type plasma material modification processing instrument

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HD-2 cold plasma modification equipment is a vertical or horizontal cold plasma processing equipment. Its working principle is the same as the HD-1 type principle. Both use the discharge technology to ionize the gas to generate a plasma. Modification treatment, HD-2 cold plasma modification equipment can be used for batch tests such as glow discharge plasma graft polymerization and intermittent self-processing of small batch fabrics or non-woven fabrics. It has a wide range of applications in textile, manufacturing, medical, and biotechnology.

The main configuration of HD-2 plasma modification processor is:

Vacuum reaction chamber

Vacuum measurement system

3. Inflation system and gas flow measurement equipment

4. Discharge system

5. Circuit control system

Instrument specifications and technical parameters

Volume: L530mm × W560mm × H1750mm

Reaction chamber: high temperature resistant hard glass cylinder: D500mm, H500mm

Vacuum system: rotary vane vacuum pump (2X-15 type)

Vacuum measurement: smart vacuum gauge (YW-G type)

Gas inlet: dual-channel rotor flowmeter, measuring range: 1.5-15ML / min.

Timekeeping: Digital timer

RF power supply: SY type, 13.56MHz, 0-1000W

Vacuum degree of background: ≤5Pa Vacuum degree of work: 10-100Pa

Material surface modification, plasma treatment instrument Tel: 0519- 86900935 8666730

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