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HD-1N cold plasma seed processor

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HD-1N is designed and manufactured with some advantages of space seed processing technology combined with the characteristics of cold plasma technology. The experiment proves that the device has the advantages of activating internal energy, increasing germination rate, germination potential and yield, and improving quality for crop seeds. The device provides a new way for increasing agricultural production.
Instrument composition:
HD-1N cold plasma seed processor is composed of vacuum system and glow discharge system.
1. The vacuum system consists of a cylinder, a rotary vane vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge, a vacuum bleed valve, a vacuum gauge, a rotor flow meter, and an air inlet valve.
2. Glow discharge system consists of: RF power supply, matching device, capacitive coupling plate and isolation discharge cover. When a glow discharge occurs, the glow discharge area is constrained between the upper and lower plates. Because of the existence of the isolation discharge cover, the alternating electric field between the tube wall and the two-electrode plate is blocked, so that no glow is generated in the downstream region. The processing effect of the plasma formed by the RF displacement current on the crop seeds is guaranteed.
Instrument specifications and technical parameters:
The working vacuum chamber volume is: D480mm × 600mm.
RF power supply: SY type, 13.56MHz, 0-500W.
Working vacuum: 80 ~ 150Pa.
Processing time: 20s. Production capacity: 1-2 kg / time.
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The cold plasma seed processor developed by our company is a new agricultural technology with independent innovation, independent intellectual property rights and international leading level.
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